Upside Down Pudding

upside down pudding
upside down pudding

Upside Down Pudding – Quick & Easy Recipe! 😉


I finally made time to do some “Mummy Baking” today 🙂 … although it was forced on me as I had eggs to use up! 

Our Upside Down Pudding was quick to make and was a healthy tea for my children. I used tinned pears and peaches in fruit juice so it’s an easy way to top up on your 5 a-day. 

Peach, Pear & Sultana Upside Down Pudding Recipe

Upside Down Pudding – so easy to make and healthy too!

Pudding ingredients

2 tbsp golden syrup

1 can of tinned pear halves in fruit juice

1 can of tinned peach halves in fruit juice

handful of sultanas

3oz caster sugar

4oz soft margarine (I use ‘Olivio’)

6oz white self-raising flour

1 tsp of baking powder

3 eggs

  • Grease and line the base of a 9″ diameter fixed base deep round cake tin. (It is important that it is a fixed base tin as this recipe is quite juicy so you don’t want any leaks!)
Arrange tinned and dried fruit over the bottom of the tin with some golden syrup
  • Put 2 tbsp of golden syrup onto the bottom of the tin and sprinkle a handful of sultanas over the top. Strain the tinned fruit and arrange over the bottom of the tin. Place the curved side of the tinned fruit halves downwards as this looks prettier.
  • In a separate Pyrex mixing bowl add the sugar, soft margarine, flour, baking powder, eggs and 4tbsp of pear juice. Mix with an electric hand mixer until smooth and spoon/pour the mixture over the top of the fruit.
  • Bake in a preheated fan assisted oven at 180 degrees C for 45 minutes. Turnout onto a serving plate and serve warm (or cold) with ice cream or custard.
Peach, pear and sultana upside down pudding

Turnout onto a serving plate and serve warm (or cold) with ice cream or custard 🙂
A quick and easy, healthy pudding for everyone 🙂

We have just finished off sampling our upside down pudding for tea and I definitely have to find time to bake more often as it was extremely tasty! 🙂

It doesn’t really matter which fruit you use as I have tried different combinations – all have been tasty and they include pineapple rings (with glace cherries) and peaches, pears and apricots, apricots and pineapple … choose whatever fruit you can find in the cupboard and let me know how you get on! Happy Mummy Baking 🙂 x

healthy pudding recipe
After adding golden syrup, arrange peaches, pears, raisins ...
upside down pudding
upside down pudding
upside down pudding recipe
Serve the fruity upside down pudding with custard or ice cream