Profiteroles that are easy to make!



I love eating profiteroles/chocolate choux buns and have always thought that they are
tricky to make. However after watching #GBBO this week I was tempted to give
them a go.

Today was the day of my great profiterole bake! 🙂 

I decided to fill some with double cream whilst for the larger giant profiteroles I made some
chocolate flavoured creme patisserie.

Exceedingly pleased with the results and am looking forward to devouring them tonight!

profiteroles choux pastry

Profiteroles – surprisingly quick and easy to make!

profiteroles choux buns

Choux buns – naked without any chocolate!

profiteroles choux pastry

Profiterole choux buns on a baking tray straight from the oven


chocolate creme patisserie

Chocolate creme patisserie was covered with plastic and left to cool to prevent a skin from forming on the top


chocolate creme patisserie

Bowls of whipped double cream and chocolate creme patisserie ready to fill the choux buns.

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