Lemon Tray Bake Cake

lemon tray bake cake
lemon tray bake cake

Lemon Tray Bake Cake Recipe inspired by Mary Berry


Mary Berry lemon tray bake cake

Loving Tuesday evenings at the mo! I am an avid viewer of The Great British Bake Off on BBC2 with Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood judging the diminishing team of bakers. Humorous quips from Mel and Sue make such an entertaining program – love it! 🙂 

Having two children, a hungry husband and of course a hungry me means that when I get around to cooking I have to bake big cakes! 

Mary Berry’s tray bake recipes are perfect as all cake ingredients go into the bowl, get mixed, baked and evolve into something truly big and delicious! 

A few weeks my mum had made a Lemon Tray Bake Cake using Mary Berry’s recipe and as it tasted so good I Googled the recipe and made it myself. 

My version of Lemon Tray Bake had gooey lemon icing unlike the crunchy icing in the Mary Berry recipe. I definitely prefer icing on the gooey side! 

My lemon cake tasted great and as you will see from the photos I was not quick enough to take one of the whole cake – just a slice as it didn’t last long in our house!